Music and Drama Class

Three types of activities are combined according to age group and the chosen schedule, allowing your child to attend school two, three or five days a week, for full or even half-days! Our program allows us to follow the public health recommandations regarding the covid-19 pandemic. For more details, view the schedule and descriptions below or contact us!

Age group: 2 to 3 years old

Description: Introduction to socialization activities, as well as fine and gross motor skill development.

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Regular Activities

Age group: 4 to 5 years old


Description: Preparation for kindergarten, independence development,  introduction to writing.  

​​*Bilingual group available

Age group: 3 to 4 years old

Description: Bilingual group offering exposure to both French and English while fostering social skills and gross and fine motor skill development.

Atelier des grands

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Specialized Activities


Age group: 3 to 4 years old

Description: Socialization activities, fine and gross motor skill development, music and drama on Fridays.

Age group: 2 to 5 years old


Description: Activities for all age groups focusing mainly on crafts and play. Lunch includes an outdoor play period.

Age group: 4 to 5 years old

Description: Basic music skills development, exploration of various musical instruments and end-of-year musical theatre production.

These activities help foster social skills, a taste for learning, fine and gross motor skill development and a sense of autonomy.​ Classes are offered for two or three half-days a week, with some groups being bilingual.  

Our well rounded  program!


Detailed descriptions of our classes

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Club des Petits Champions


Our well rounded program is one of our most sought-after features! Your child will developed social, academic and motor skills! 

Upon registering your child in a regular or specialized activity, you have the option of also enrolling them in the Club des Petits Champions, enabling your child to have a full day at school.

Club des Petits Champions

Gym and

Cooperative Play Class

This category includes gym classes, ice skating lessons and music classes. These activities can be combined with your choice of regular activities or taken individually.  

Age group: 3 to 5 years old

Description: Through various group games and obstacle courses, your child will develop gross motor skills, such as balance, throwing, catching, climbing, jumping, etc.